Volunteer program

We invite you to become part of our dedicated team of professionals to provide moral, social, and spiritual support to children and adolescents with cancer and to their families by participating in the different activities we conduct:

What is volunteering?

1. A selfless act.

2. A way of to give back to society.

3. An activity connected with emotion, with the heart.

4. A job that requires free will.

5. It is just as serious as any other job.

6. It involves feeling love for others.

7. It fulfills our need to have contact with others.

Our achievements have been possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of our volunteers, who with great love give us their most valuable resource: their time.


Our volunteers are people with an accommodating attitude, responsible, and committed to share their time with others.

Activities and Programs in which you can participate:

At foundation events, fundraising campaigns, sale of promotional materials, administrative and recreational activities with the patients.


Administrative Area at FCL and COP Hospital

– Volunteers at FCL: provide support in different areas: Adopt Hope for Life program, funds procurement, institutional linkage, social marketing, accounting, and IT.

– Volunteers at the COP Hospital : provide support in the following areas: hospital, social work, psycho-oncology, laboratory, and nursing.

Students from elementary schools, middle schools, junior high, high school, and universities conduct their social service and professional internships at Fundacion Castro-Limon and the COP Hospital.

The areas in which students and interns can participate include: Social Marketing, Adopt Hope for Life program, institutional linkage, funds procurement, accounting, information technology, and business management.

To begin your social service with us:

1.- Send your letter or application to the Volunteer Coordinator at Fundacion Castro-Limon, A.C.

2.- Once your application is evaluated and accepted by Fundacion Castro-Limon, the student will receive a letter of acceptance with start date information.

To conduct your professional internships with us:

1.- Send your letter or application..

2.- Once your application has been evaluated and accepted you will receive a letter of acceptance informing you the start date.

For more information contact voluntariado@fundacioncastrolimon.org, or call 969 59 14 ext. 121 from 9 am to 1 pm.

Your help is important to continue providing Hope for Life to children and adolescents with cancer. We are waiting for you!