Sebastián Rodríguez
Family History

My family and I live in Tijuana. My dad’s name is Erik and he works as a driver. My mom is Alondra and she works in the cleaning department of a company. All their income goes to covering the basic needs of the house. I have two older siblings, my sister Erika who is 13 and Edgar who is 12 years old. They are in Junior High and they take very good care of me.

Medical History

On June 22, 2014, I started getting a really strong pain in my stomach and vomiting. My parents got really scared and they took me to the hospital immediately. After the specialist performed several tests, he told my parents that I had a tumor and that I had to be evaluated by a pediatric oncologist. He referred us to Dr. Jesus Manuel Lozano at the Pediatric Oncology Center of Baja California, the COP Hospital.

We went to my medical appointment so they could check my health state, and the results were not good. The Dr. told my parents that the tumor was malignant and my parents were very sad with the news. But thanks to the Dr. who referred me to the COP I was admitted as a patient on June 25, 2014, and after several other tests the diagnosis showed I had Wilms’ tumor.

Current State

On August 18, 2014, I had surgery, the name of the surgery is really weird it is called Nephrectomy. This surgery was performed to remove the tumor located in my kidney. Fortunately, everything went well and I have responded very well to the treatment.

They put me a thing called catheter which protects my veins when they give me my medication. When I am at the chemotherapy room I spend time with other boys and girls that are also recovering just like me. The medical staff takes really good care of us and my family is very happy of how the surgery went and of the treatment I have received.

Treatment Cost

The estimated cost of my treatment is $277,223.03 MXN without contemplating any complications.