The most valuable contribution you can give is your desire to help and to provide Hope for Life to the children and youth treated at our hospital. At FCL, we offer you different options through which you can join us in our mission:

Provides physical and juridical persons the opportunity to provide Hope for Life to children and youth with cancer, by becoming a godmother or a godfather and providing monthly donations that will go towards covering the cost of treatment of our patients.

What do you have to do as a godparent?

Provide monthly contribution of a minimum of $10 USD, for both physical and juridical persons. Through this support our patients will receive the medication, medical attention and hospital services they require.

The treatment cost for each patient is covered by the contribution of several godparents. Godparents will receive a periodical report on the state of the health of their godson or goddaughter.

Levels of contribution:

Adoption by a Physical Person: personal contributions are done on a monthly basis.

Adoption by Judicial Person: contributions made by a company.

Group Adoption: A group of people gather a desired amount they would like to contribute on a monthly basis.

• Company Adoption: the company commits to involve its collaborators and invite them to make a donation (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).

School Adoption: through the Children Helping Children Program, we promote philanthropy in the student community by turning them into godparents of our patients by providing monetary contributions for a determined period of time.

There are several other options to facilitate the delivery of your contribution:

Visa or MasterCard Credit Card Charge

Send a check to our P.O. Box 435179, San Ysidro, CA, 92143

Bank deposit at HSBC – Fundacion Castro-Limon AC Acct# 048371246

If you would like to become a godparent fill out and print the following application:

If you select contribution through debit card or bank account please fill out attachment 1:

Attachment 1

When you become a godparent you will receive:

• A summary report of the patient.

A recognition plate with your godson/goddaughter’s picture, recognizing you as the godparent.

Email Quarterly reports with information on the state of the health of the adoptee.

And you will be part of our select group of Godparents invited to our annual get-together event with the patients.

NOTE: Your donation is tax deductible.

“Tú You are Hope for Life to children and adolescents with cancer”.

For more information call us from the US at:
Tel. 1888 236 10 60 or email us at

The Child Tree program is a source for procurement of funds, where symbolically through your donations the roots are nourished and strengthened giving as fruit Hope for Life to children and adolescents with cancer receiving integral attention at the COP Hospital. The piece was created by the local artist Carmen Campuzano and it is located in the main hallway of the COP Hospital.

¡Tú You can nourish the roots with a single contribution of 200 dollars or more or you can also have a dedication engraved at the base of the piece to honor a person or company.