Josué Alexander Niebla Ramos
Family History

We are a family of 6 and we live in Tijuana, my dad’s name is Rosario and he does not have a stable job. Sometimes he works as a truck driver, he is the one who takes care of all of our house bills. My mom’s name is Julieta and she works at home and she takes care of my brothers and me.

My brothers are older than me and they go to school. I stay at home with my mom because I am the youngest of the family. The house in which we live is rented and my dad’s income is $8,000.00 MXN. His income is used to pay all the house expenses (rent, food, transportation, public services, education, etc.) which add up to $8,200.00 MXN.

Medical History

At the beginning of June of 2013, I began to feel strong pain in my stomach together with constant evacuations. My mom took me to get medical attention at the General Hospital of Dorado Sinaloa where they administered some medications which were not adequate because the pain continued. The days passed and my stomach began to get swollen very rapidly and my mom got very worried and took me to the pediatric hospital of Sinaloa with Dr. Obdilia Gutiérrez, who told me to get several tests which were not favorable to my health. The doctor gave my parents very bad news and told them I had a germ cell tumor.

Later on, I began receiving treatment with chemotherapies at the pediatric hospital of Sinaloa where I received only 4 cycles until April 7, 2014, because Dr. Gutierrez referred me to the Pediatric Oncology Center of Baja California. Here Dr. Lozano followed-up on my oncological treatment and that is how I came to this beautiful hospital. The medical staff has treated me very nicely.

Current State

I am very happy because I am in the vigilance stage, that means that I go to my medical consultation each week and I also have laboratory tests done to check on my health at the Pediatric Oncology Center of Baja California, where I receive my treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Lozano says that I am responding favorably and I have just finished the remission stage. I am currently beginning the second induction phase at the hospital and I need to be frequently hospitalized. However, it is not as bad to be here at the hospital because I have a lot of fun at the play room.

Treatment Cost

The estimated cost of my treatment is $172,924.74 MXN without contemplating any complications.