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Hope Bracelet

Orange colored ribbon.

Price: $10 MXN

Life water

Bottle of purified water

Price: $10 MXN

Mug to drink with love

Mug that gives hopes of life

Price: $100 MXN


Chocolate with almonds.

Price: $15 MXN


Delicious cookies with sesame seeds and oatmeal.

Price: $9 MXN

Bracelet with pendant

Bracelet with pendant

Price: $50 MXN

USB Bracelet

Silicon bracelet with 8GB USB.

Price: $195 MXN

Water thermos

Water thermos, several colors: Pink, purple, green, blue, orange and yellow.

Price: $60 MXN

Coffee Thermos

Metallic coffee thermos.

Price: $130 MXN